(2pcs/set) 9007 LED Light Blubs T1 Series Temperature Control 8000LM

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(2pcs/set) 9007 LED Light Blubs T1 Series Temperature Control 8000LM


What are the benefits of temperature control protection?According to the temperature change of the working environment, control the operation of the equipment to achieve the ideal temperature and energy-saving effect.Effectively protect led beads from light attenuation and prolong the working life of bulbs.T1 series meet your requirement about long-term stable and appropriate brightness performance.

Product Introduction:

-Auto-temperature control, optimal heat protection and performance.-Effective decoding, fits 98% of vehicles, built-in fully upgraded CANbus.-High power CSP LED chips, instant light up without delay.-6500K White light reflect road signs and road paint better to show clearer road situation.-Built-in IC, EMC tech avoid electromagnetic interference.

SPECIFICATIONS:LED Type: CSPEfficacy(2/pcs): 70WLED Quantity: 24pcs (twin light)Raw Lumen(2/pcs): 8000 LMCurrent Draw: 2.3 AOperating Voltage: 9-12VColour: Cool WhiteColor Temperature : 6500KAdjustable Color: NoMaterial: Aviation 6063 AluminumHeat dissipation mode: Fan DissipationLED Lifetime: 50000 hoursWaterproof: IP68Ambient Operating Temperature: -40 celsius degree-150 celsius degree

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: WithCAN Bus:YesFits 98% of vehicles: In-built fully upgraded CANbus. Some sensitive cars may flicker after installed(not quality issue), specific canbus decoders are needed.Reference Stocks(twin light) : 9007

Package Weight(g) 350~400 (average)
Package Dimensions(cm) 12*13*8
Package Included LED Light Bulbs*2

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(2pcs/set) 9007 LED Light Blubs T1 Series Temperature Control 8000LM

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